Eight Absolutely Glorious Facebook Fails

Everyone has had a Facebook experience that makes them want to tuck their tail between their legs: the misplacement of a comma that now implies you’re a sexual deviant, the time when you compose a snarky status about a fellow restaurant patron and they see it…and respond. They’re all here and they’re all absolutely wonderful with these glorious Facebook fails:

Facebook Fails Important Commas

Facebook Fail Pregnancy

Facebook Fail Loosing Face

Facebook Fail Hipster

Facebook Fail Gay Marriage

Facebook Fail Frenemy

Facebook Fail Jagger

Facebook Fail Ex Girlfriend

The Horrifying Houseguest Meme

Everyone has had that houseguest who seemed a little… off. Laughter that’s a little too skittish, a smile that’s more frightening than it is friendly, a gaze that is more piercing than a tattoo gun. To commiserate, we present the Horrifying Houseguest meme.

Horrifying Houseguest Blanket Shield

Horrifying Houseguest Not Alone

Horrifying Houseguest Locked Windows

Horrifying Houseguest Santa Sleeping

Horrifying Houseguest Hallway Sound

Horrifying Houseguest Legs Over Bed

Horrifying Houseguest Dibs

Horrifying Houseguest Mirror Waiting

The Eight Most WTF iPhone Texts

The iPhone may represent technological innovation at its height. But with some of these texts, it might be more accurate to say the iPhone represents people at their worst.

Kids these days…

WTF iPhone Text Bad Mouth

Dad iPhone ownage

WTF iPhone Text Partying Dad

Mom humiliates her son over text

WTF iPhone Text Mom Browsing

The next big thing: iPhone Giraffe Facts

WTF iPhone Text Giraffe Facts

That is a quite the meal

WTF iPhone Text Gigantic Lunchable

Terrible iPhone auto-correct fail with Mom

WTF iPhone Text Accident Gum

Mom has some gross advice over text from Grandma

WTF iPhone Text Dirty Grandma

And this is why you’re careful with who you sext…

WTF iPhone Text Sext Wrong

Sources for the above are College Humor, Damn You Auto-Correct, and our loyal visitors!

If Celebrities Were From The Midwest

Have you ever wondered what celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Tom Cruise would look like if they didn’t live in the sun drenched Hollywood hills? If they were from, say, the land of 1,000 Walmarts instead? Here are some of the best images of what the stars would like if they exchanged Los Angeles for Sioux City:

Midwest Celebrity John Travolta

Midwest Celebrity John Travolta

Midwest Celebrity Sharon Stone

Midwest Celebrity Sharon Stone

Midwest Celebrity Gwen Stefani

Midwest Celebrity Gwen Stefani

Midwest Celebrity Britney Spears

Midwest Celebrity Britney Spears

Midwest Celebrity Jessica Simpson

Midwest Celebrity Jessica Simpson

Midwest Celebrity Sarah Jessica Parker

Midwest Celebrity Sarah Jessica Parker

Midwest Celebrity Nicole Kidman

Midwest Celebrity Kidman

Midwest Celebrities Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones

Midwest Celebrities Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones

Midwest Celebrity Johny Depp

Midwest Celebrity Johnny Depp

Midwest Celebrity Tom Cruise

Midwest Celebrity Cruise

Midwest Celebrity Olsen Twin

Midwest Celebrity Olsen Twins

Midwest Celebrities Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

Midwest Celebrity Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

Midwest Celebrity Pamela Anderson

Midwest Celebrity Pamela Anderson

Eight Hilarious Facebook Posts & Conversations

Facebook posts, statuses and conversations that will leave you in stitches:

What are big brothers for?

Hilarious Facebook Big Brother Prank

That telephone pole came out of nowhere…

Hilarious Facebook Post Car and Telephone Pole

Well, bad grammer is a deal breaker

Hilarious Facebook Conversation Bad Grammar Romance

You blew what?!

Facebook Post Blowing Trannies

Epic Facebook cheater revenge

Hilarious Facebook Cheater Revenge

Don’t brag about your size on Facebook

Facebook Lock Ness Monster

Facebook engagement announcement fail

Facebook Engagement Announcement Status Fail

Epic Taco Bell funeral Facebook thread

Hilarious Facebook Epic Taco Bell Thread

The Rural Rube: Redneck Randal Meme

Confined to the backwoods of America, Redneck Randal is the pleasant peasant who just doesn’t know any better than his backward ways. With his good-nature yet outdated views and habits, Redneck Randal is the kind of guy who makes you reconsider nature versus nurture. And so Runt of the Web presents the Redneck Randal meme:

Redneck Randal Meme Family Reunion

Redneck Randal Meme Learns USA

Redneck Randal Meme Wardrobe By Scissors

Redneck Randal Meme Gets His Sister

Redneck Randal Meme Cannot Speak English

Redneck Randal Meme Domestic Violence and Beer

Redneck Randal Meme Occupy Walmart

Redneck Randal Meme Yard Couches

Redneck Randal Meme Sister

Redneck Randal Meme WWE As Foreplay

The Impetuous Instructor: Unhelpful Teacher

If there’s one thing that unites us all, it’s having had a terrible teacher in our lifetime. From the arbitrary application of rules to the mean-spirited vindictiveness that only a person who has spent their whole life around children can have, the unhelpful teacher can temporarily ruin your childhood. Luckily, there’s a meme for the dictator of the classroom — the Unhelpful Teacher meme:

Unhelpful Teacher Collectively Punishes

Unhelpful Teacher Strict Creative Guidelines

Unhelpful Teacher Hates Difficult Questions

Unhelpful Teacher Hypocrite on Handwriting

Unhelpful Teacher Hates Being Wrong

Unhelpful Teacher Asks Opinion Questions

Unhelpful Teacher Doesnt Let You Leave

Unhelpful Teacher Wrong Grade

Unhelpful Teacher Wikipedia as a Source

Nine Hilarious iPhone Fails

In fact, he’s staring at your iPhone right now…

iPhone Text Fail At The Club

First sell him the car, THEN ask him for cuddles

iPhone Text Fail Sexy Car Transaction

Well, why DON’T you own Google?

iPhone Text Fail Google Logo

Auto-correct family fail

iPhone Text Fail Adopted Brother

Being a dirty teenager iPhone fail

iPhone Text Fail Down To Fuck Church

Why Mom can’t handle an iPhone

iPhone Text Fail Mom Licks Butt

And this is why you don’t spam on texts

iPhone Text Fail Church Spammer Text

Complete and utter flirt fail

iPhone Text Fail Flirt Fail

So close to the perfect break-up text…

iPhone Text Fail Pregnancy Breakup Fail

The Best Of The PBH Network In 2011

5. Best Divorce Letter Ever

epic divorce letter

Just the beginning of an epic divorce letter from Dan to his lost love, Connie. No matter how much your ex reeks, at least it’s not Dan. Trust us.

4. Televangelist Benny Hinn and God’s Jacket

Televangelist Hits Man and Saves His Soul

Chemo therapy won’t cure cancer. A cast won’t mend a broken leg. It is actually televangelist Benny Hinn’s jacket that will do that and so much more. Raking in over $200 million a year by hitting people with an article of clothing, the anointing jacket has been a godsend for Hinn. Well, at least it’s not Members Only.

3. 4/20 Stoner Dash

parachutes and the police

March 20 is a day of celebration for many. It often calls for weed, Taco Bell, and in this case parachutes. Not sure which is funnier, though: the footage itself or the camera man’s laughter.

2. The Nine Most Crippling First World Problems

First World Problem: Pandora Playlists

Living in a first world country can be rough. Being white and middle class in a first world country can be even more rough. Check out some of its many throes here.

1. The First Zombie-Proof House

Exterior View of the Zombie-Proof House

Some conspiracy theorists say that 2012 will bring about an apocalypse. With movable walls and a drawbridge, purchasing the first zombie-proof house would be a great way to prepare for it. Nota bene: flamethrowers do not come with the home.

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The Eight Worst Tattoos Ever

Pizza and Texas, a match made in tattoo stupidity

Worst Tattoo Ever Dont Mess With Pizza

“Hi, yes, could you tattoo a half-horse, half-Patrick Swayze on me? Oh, and there are rainbows everywhere? Great, thanks!

Worst Tattoo Ever Patrick Swayze and Horse

A very honest tattoo

Worst Tattoo Ever Stupid Face Tattoo

It’s one thing when teenage girls like Twilight… it’s another thing when a middle aged woman gets the whole saga tattooed on her back

Worst Tattoo Ever Insane Twilight Tattoo

Why would you get a tattoo of Al Gore and Manbearpig?

Worst Tattoo Ever Al Gore And Manbearpig

And the winner for most tasteless tattoo is…

Worst Tattoo Ever September 11th Raining Men

A shitty tattoo

Worst Tattoo Ever Poo

America, in idiotic tattoo form

Worst Tattoo Ever America the Tattoo