The Eight Worst Tattoos Ever

Pizza and Texas, a match made in tattoo stupidity

Worst Tattoo Ever Dont Mess With Pizza

“Hi, yes, could you tattoo a half-horse, half-Patrick Swayze on me? Oh, and there are rainbows everywhere? Great, thanks!

Worst Tattoo Ever Patrick Swayze and Horse

A very honest tattoo

Worst Tattoo Ever Stupid Face Tattoo

It’s one thing when teenage girls like Twilight… it’s another thing when a middle aged woman gets the whole saga tattooed on her back

Worst Tattoo Ever Insane Twilight Tattoo

Why would you get a tattoo of Al Gore and Manbearpig?

Worst Tattoo Ever Al Gore And Manbearpig

And the winner for most tasteless tattoo is…

Worst Tattoo Ever September 11th Raining Men

A shitty tattoo

Worst Tattoo Ever Poo

America, in idiotic tattoo form

Worst Tattoo Ever America the Tattoo

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